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Finance Establishment for Customer Service & Growth 

In 1975 Elsea, Incorporated established a subsidiary corporation, Elsea Financial Services, dba Mid-Ohio Finance (MOF). The mission of Mid-Ohio Finance continues to be twofold, customer services and corporate growth. We ensure quality house financial services for all our clients.

Through an efficient finance company, Elsea, Inc. believes that it can better serve the customer's needs. The first way we meet your needs is through the purchase of your home. You can both purchase and finance your home at the same time and in the same location. The second way is through the continued communication we have with you during the servicing of your loan.

  • Contacts: (800) 589-5710

  • Ron Eitel: VP of Finance, Ext. 2708

  • Karen Smith: Collections Supervisor, Ext. 2724

  • Jennifer Davis: Collections, Ext. 2734

  • Pam Davis: Loan Officer & Credit Ext. 2764

  • Stuart Allen: Asset Manager, Ext. 2722